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Our Flagship Programmes


For aspiring entrepreneurs & newly formed startups in need of market validation


For registered pre-seed funded startups, aiming to achieve pilot and investment readiness


For ambitious scaleups, with a solid customer base, ready for global market expansion

Programme Applications open in February 2023

We also host expert panels and networking events throughout the year 

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EIT Food Impact Goals

Healthier lives through food

A net zero food system

A fully transparent, fair and resilient food system

EIT Food supports entrepreneurs across Europe, to commercialise high-impact tech innovations that can build a more healthy, sustainable and trusted food system

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Protein Diversification

Developing and adopting diversified protein-based solutions, which are healthy, sustainable, appealing, and affordable

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Circular Food Systems

Encouraging the shift from linear to circular, sustainable food systems, in which resources are reused, nutrients recycled, by-products reduced and what remains is reutilised

Digital Traceability PNG

Digital Traceability

Increasing the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of food supply chains to meet consumer demand for food transparency and authenticity

Sust agriculture PNG

Sustainable Agriculture

Supporting European farmers in meeting sustainability requirements by cocreating climate-neutral, fair, resilient, and economically viable agricultural practices

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Sustainable Aquaculture

Transforming the aquaculture sector by reducing its carbon footprint, transitioning to circular economy, and ensuring food security and safety

Targeted Nutrition

Targeted Nutrition

Supporting the reduction in both prevalence and relative risk of malnutrition, obesity, and non-communicable diseases to known dietary factors in target populations

Investment Opportunities

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Corporate Venturing

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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight 1

Companies supported by EIT Food from early entrepreneurs to companies that we support in scaling internationally

Collaborative innovation projects with startups and EIT Food Partners

Million euros direct financial support in grants & investments in 2020 - including directly supporting those through Covid-19

Million euros external investments attracted by supported start-ups


By joining this community, what can I expect?

To join, it’s really easy. Simply register by submitting some basic information about yourself, and we will then keep you up to date on all our startup training programmes and events happening throughout the year. We collaborate with many leading organisations from all areas of the agrifood industry, who have been critical to the impact of this community since our programmes first launched in 2018.

How do I know which programme is right for me?

To qualify, all project teams and registered companies must first answer some programme eligibility questions. All you need to do is join our community and you will then be invited to answer these questions as soon as applications are open at the beginning of January. For more information about startup programme eligibility, you can also take a look at the information on our programme pages: The Seedbed Incubator, The EIT Food Accelerator Network and The RisingFoodStars

How can I join this network to work with organisations that can help develop my business innovation?

Once you’ve been selected for a programme, you will be granted lifelong access to our network, which is an ecosystem of amazing startups, founders, investors, mentors, and talent coaches. EIT Food works in partnership with over 80 leading businesses, universities, and research organisations across Europe, who have launched many successful pilot projects across all of our key focus areas.

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