EIT Food Key Food Challenges

Feb 23, 2022

EIT Food - Key food challenges

EIT Food and our startup community are committed to supporting the growth and development of agrifood innovations that are helping to make the entire food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted.

In collaboration with EIT Food’s corporate partners, 3 key challenge areas have been identified. Agrifood startups that are helping to tackle one or more of these key challenges are encouraged to apply to become part of this year’s EIT Food Accelerator Network.

The EIT FAN programme brings together more than 60 startups in a multi-location programme – including Bilbao, Munich, Lausanne, Cambridge, Haifa, Paris & Helsinki. The programme is designed to help startups fast-track their innovation, unlock industry connections, pilot technology and make use of investment opportunities across Europe.

2022 Key Food Challenges

1. Sustainable Agriculture & Aquaculture

This includes methods and products that improve efficiency in farming. For example; biobased pest control, fertilization, and disease detection technologies for crops; innovative monitoring solutions in agriculture and aquaculture; and functional nutrition for animal farming.

Technologies within this food challenge include: Biopesticides and biofertilizers, Big Data and AI, agricultural prediction models, IoT health monitoring, automation & robotics, precision farming and more.

2. Alternative Proteins & Healthy Food

This includes production methods and innovations that create a healthy diet based on alternative protein foods. Relevant solutions will allow the food industry to develop products, based on alternative proteins, that are tasty, healthy and affordable.

Technologies include: Plant-based innovations, taste & texture modifications, crop extraction, food colouring, sugar and saturated fat substitutes, clean label, cellular agriculture, precision fermentation and more.

3. Circular Food Systems

This includes decarbonizing the food industry and making it more sustainable by valorizing side-streams and reducing food waste. For example, solutions that recycle waste streams from the food industry, technologies repurposing carbon emissions, innovations that help reduce food waste, and more sustainable packaging.

Technologies include: CO2 capture and upcycling, waste and residue upcycling, food preservation, smart and circular packaging and more.

If you are innovating solutions that address one or more of these challenges, we would love to hear from you! Join our community and submit an application to become part of EIT FAN 2022


Application deadline extended ONLY for Seedbed until April 10 23:59 CET

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