Investment Opportunities

The EIT Food Impact Fund aims to support our early-stage start-ups to scale up internationally. We have a presence in every country in Europe (and beyond!), with funding available to help our startups develop internationally

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EIT Food provides financial support to Europe’s most promising agrifood startups

Direct Financial Support

Our ecosystem boasts a strong pipeline of startups across all business development stages. We provide direct financial support to the most promising companies, whose activities contribute to making the global food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted

The EIT Food Impact Fund

The EIT Food Impact Fund builds on the experience of the EIT Food Bridge Fund (part of EIT’s Crisis Response Initiative) that supported companies highly affected by the Covid-19 situation. The aim of the fund is to continue providing financial support to high impact and high growth potential startups and scaleups, to help them realize their economic and societal impact objectives

Foodsparks Fund

Another fund is FoodSparks, which is an early-stage investment fund for European agrifood startups collaborating with EIT Food. It targets startups mainly at the ACCELERATE development stage


What type of startups are eligible for funding?

We select startups that are aligned with EIT Food’s mission and key focus areas. Funding is available to all european food & agri startups and scaleups that are linked to one or more of our flagship programmes – LAUNCH – Seedbed Incubator, ACCELERATE – Food Accelerator network or SCALE – RisingFoodStars, in the last 3 years, prior to the submission of the funding/investment proposal.

How much funding can my company receive from the EIT Food Impact Fund?

The EIT Food Impact Fund can provide funding of up to €300,000 per venture to implement highly innovative-associated projects. In addition to the investment scheme, selected candidates are also offered access to our investors community, along with fast-track 1:1 investor meetings, coaching and scale-up support.

Can you explain the application process?

If you are selected to take part in any of our programmes, you are automatically eligible to receive equity funding from the EIT Food Impact Fund. All eligible applications are subject to a process of Due Diligence (for more information about our investment criteria, please refer to our terms and conditions). At this stage, 1:1 interviews and financial statements will be requested. EIT Food and the Advisory Committee then decide which applications are selected for funding.

What added value does EIT Food bring to the startups it has invested in?

As a future shareholder, EIT Food aims to support its portfolio companies as much as possible to achieve their impact and economic objectives. Through a single point of contact (which can be the Board Observer in the company), EIT Food provides access to an unparalleled ecosystem of corporate venture partners, investors, agrifood industry experts and peers. We actively work with individual startup teams to strengthen their “partnership-readiness”, and our matchmaking events have proven to be a big success in enabling pilot projects with (launching) customers. These events also help our startups to attract subsequent external investments – one such event is the annual EIT Food Venture Summit. 

For more detailed information on EIT Food funding read our Terms & Conditions

Investor Community

We have strong connections with investors, who work with our startups to support the scaling of global impact food tech innovations

Interested in joining our ecosystem as an investor?

Our Investment Portfolio

To date, the EIT Food Impact Fund has supported the growth of many high-impact agrifood startups

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Companies supported by EIT Food from early entrepreneurs to companies that we support in scaling internationally

Collaborative innovation projects with startups and EIT Food Partners

Million euros direct financial support in grants & investments in 2020 - including directly supporting those through Covid-19

Million euros external investments attracted by supported start-ups


Apply to participate in one of our funded flagship programmes

Launch - Seedbed Incubator

Accelerate - EIT Food Accelerator Network

Scale - RisingFoodStars