EIT Food Seed Bed Incubator  
A six month long programme designed to help springboard ideas into viable market solutions by providing you with the skills, network and funds needed to validate your ideas and business model
For individuals, scientists and aspiring entrepreneurs who are driven to solve the complex challenges facing our food system

  • Help to transform innovative ideas and research breakthroughs into market validated business propositions,
  • World-class start-up training 
  • Personalised business coaching to identify core business assumptions
  • Support to refine their business value propositions
  • Industry connections and funding to test innovative ideas directly with 100+ potential customers and end-user

Driving Innovation & Entrepreneurship Across Europe to Solve High Impact Food System Challenges


Q) What are the eligibility criteria?
A) be eligible for the programme potential participants must meet the following criteria:

Business propositions must be underpinned by scientific or technological innovations with proof of concept established. They must fall under one of the six of EIT Food’s Focus Areas i.e.

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Alternative Proteins
  • Digital Traceability
  • Circular Food Systems
  • Targeted Nutrition

If applying as a team: one of the founders must be a citizen or resident of an EU member state or associated countries.
If applying as a startup: company must be established in an EU member state or associated countries.

Q) How many team members can participate in the programme?
A) The program is limited to 2 team representatives.

Q) Can a solo researcher or academic entrepreneur with no other team members still apply? 
A) Yes, but an individual academic entrepreneur or solo researcher should have support from one member of their Technology Transfer Office, whose contact details should be included in the application.

Q) How will an application be assessed?
A) Applications are assessed against the following criteria: eligibility, motivation, problem validation, solution fit, technology readiness and USP, potential business model, and team.

Q) How long is the programme?
A) Starting in June 2021, Seedbed Incubator is a six-month programme delivered across five EU hubs. As part of the programme participants are invited to attend a 4-day bootcamp in June 2021.

Q) What hub would a participant be assigned to?
A) The Seedbed programme operates over 5 regional Hub locations, therefore in most cases participants would be assigned to the hub nearest to them, however in certain cases teams can also choose the most appropriate hub for them. 

Q) How much funding would I receive if I am successful in being accepted on to the programme?
A) Funding of up to €6,000 to facilitate market testing activities and to speak to potential customers, stakeholders and end-users to validate business ideas; plus the opportunity to access follow-on EIT Food funding and support through the Startup Launch Grant.

Q) What happens after completing the Seedbed Incubator?
A) When the Seedbed programme is completed participants become a Seedbed Alumni and have the opportunity to access follow on funding to support their commercial roadmap. This may include spinning-out or starting-up a new company, or establishing technology feasibility tests with identified partners. There is the possibility to progress to the EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN), which connects impactful agrifood startups with industry-leading corporate and research partners to pilot their technology and drive the ultimate goal: a successful market adoption. Visit for more information

Q) Why is Seedbed unique compared to other incubator programmes?
A) A number of incubator programmes that exist are generic and they have general market validation programmes. Seedbed gives direct access to the agrifood sector and sector experts across Europe which is crucial to understand the commercial potential of a technology in this sector.


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