What makes a winning Seedbed pitch?

Jan 28, 2022

EIT Food Seedbed Incubator Pitching

Would you like to know more about the decision making factors driving our panel’s selection for our latest Seedbed Incubator cohort?

Throughout an intense four day bootcamp, our partners mentored the various project teams to deliver some high quality pitch presentations, resulting in 40 finalist teams being welcomed onto the Seedbed Incubator programme.

Here’s a collective response from our panellists on why this cohort had the ‘S’uccess factor!

In your view, what makes a winning pitch?

Great storytelling that derives from passion and a cause at hand. It helps if it’s relatable and you can easily grasp the USPs to compare these to the RIGHT competition. The numbers must also add up to make the innovation qualify as a scalable business proposition.

What was your overall impression of the teams this year?

The level was extremely high! We enjoyed everyone’s positive spirits and the versatility of the teams. Some ideas with high impact potential were put forward and everyone presented impressive prototypes across a range of agrifood topics. It was also encouraging to see so many mixed teams and female leads taking part.

What are the main traits you consider to be a good fit for the Seedbed Incubator programme, and why?

  1. Determination. The path of an entrepreneur is a very challenging one, so if you and your team, 100% believe you can achieve your goals and you are clear on the direction you want to go in, this will always result in success.
  1. The participating teams must be willing to listen and learn from others. If you can continuously assess the different inputs with a level head and adapt your business plan accordingly, you will be considered the right type of candidate for the programme.
  1. Following on from the above, the ability for a team to pivot.

In these unprecedented times, we are all required to be more open to shifting ideas that will create new pathways of opportunity. If you get stuck on one business model or your own personal assumptions, you are less likely to be able to move in line with the demands of the market. Seedbed ensures that each participant receives valuable feedback from people who would use, or incorporate their product or services into their business, so it’s important to include this as an essential business development process, to gain the utmost value from the programme.

  1. To be assured that the teams are clear on their individual competencies and responsibilities to grow the business. If this is made clear at the start it will avoid any potential conflict whilst taking part in the Seedbed programme, and any other future programmes.

Based on your experience of this bootcamp, what advice would you give to anyone looking to apply to the next Seedbed Incubator programme?

If you have an idea that can help transform the food system, backed with a lot of technical knowledge, and you want to assess its full business potential, then this programme is right for you!  Be open to testing your ideas, and learning from our experts and industry leads, who will help shape your little seed into a fruitful plant.

Applications for the Seedbed Incubator are open every year from the beginning of January to the end of February. Find out more about the Seedbed Incubator programme


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